As I mentioned in a previous post, we are currently painting our kitchen and giving it a bit of a makeover. Before I share a ‘before and after’ tour, I wanted to show you some of the inspirations behind my design choices. We are happy with the exisiting cabinets and white goods in our kitchen so the update is cosmetic in the main. Here are some of the features we are looking to include:

Grey kitchen walls


Image via

We’ve chosen a light grey paint for the walls (no big surprises there then)!

Yellow stool

Image via

I’m looking to inject some colour with a yellow stool. We have one from Ikea at present which is nice enough but has a wooden seat so it blends into the background easily so I’ve decided to paint the seat yellow. Get ready Mr Ikea stool to step forward and make a statement!

Kitchen shelves

Image via

Some kitchen shelves are a must as we really need to increase our storage capacity! I’m thinking of some simple white ones, or I may paint them the same colour as the walls as I saw this technique used in the September issue of Living Etc and really liked it.

Kitchen rug

Image via

Finally a kitchen rug to use under the dining table. I loved this image from a past home tour that I featured and pinned it straight away. I bought a garden rug recently for our decking area in the garden which was great for the summer but now that the drizzly weather has started to set in, I’m hoping I can use it in the kitchen as I don’t want to pack it away in the shed until next summer. I’m not 100% sure it will work but I’ll give it a try.

So those are my plans! You can see my kitchen inspiration board over on Pinterest if you’d like to see some more ideas. Sometimes I have no idea why I’m pinning an image other than I like it but it’ encouraging to see how you can take ideas or accent colours from a variety of sources and put them together to create your own room.

Kitchen tour to follow soon! I just need to get on with the painting…

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