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September is upon us and the new school term has started (if the children in your life are back yet that is!) As I work in Higher Education myself, this week has started with a bang as we welcome our new cohort of trainee teachers to our degree programmes. It’s probably no surprise then for me to tell you that I love learning new skills and taking short courses. As you know, I took the ‘Blog Love 2.0’ e-course this summer by A Beautiful Mess and I’m slowly rolling out changes to this blog and updating posts as a result.

At the end of every summer I always find myself itching to enrol on a new adult education course of some sort (much to my husband’s angst. He thinks that I do enough with my spare time already and gets a bit nervous when I share a new idea that will undoubtedly take up more of my time. I have to admit he has a point). However, my workplace are holding short language courses this semester and so I’m signing up for French conversation. We are heading back to Paris for a break this December and I’m determined to be more confident when communicating in French!

Have you signed up for any adult education classes this autumn? Share a link in the comments if you post, tweet or instagram about it.

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