Sunday night feeling

One Little Word 2014 prompt - Grow

Um, so where did last week go? Sunday evening has come round so quickly! Hope you had a good weekend whatever you were doing and feel rested and ready for the week ahead. I’ve spent the past hour trying to catch up on some of the prompts I’ve missed over the last few months form the One Little Word workshop that I’m doing this year. Although it’s tricky to carve out time to complete all the prompts I’d like to each month, I’m still very much enjoying the process. If anything it’s taught me that planning time to complete creative projects is no bad thing! The word I’m focussing on this year is ‘grow’ and the image above is a collage I made to represent the word. Each of the images carry a meaning for me and are metaphors for things I’m currently experiencing or have experienced this year. If you’ve not done a creative project like this before I really recommend it. I’m probably going to do it again next year as I’ve loved it so much. You can find out more about One Little Word via Ali Edward’s website (she’s the founder and teacher).

May God bless you for the week ahead folks,


Image Celebrate Creation

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