#1day12pics September challenge

I decided to join in with the 1 day 12 pics challenge run by Michelle from My Creative and Emma Davies earlier on this month. It’s the first time I’ve ever joined in with something like this so it was unknown territory for me. The idea is to snap a photo every hour for 12 hours during your day. Well, I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t manage to take a photo an hour. I only took three! It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, it was just that I didn’t feel as if what I was doing was particularly interesting as each hour passed and so I found it tricky to be inspired by my surroundings. For example, the first hour came and I was in Tesco trying to get a cardboard box for some cds that we have sold to music magpie. How can you make a yucky yellow and red supermarket and a cardboard box look appealing?

Still, that’s real life and often we can be duped by the edited versions of people’s lives so here I am just keeping it real for you all 😉

These are the images I did manage to take…

South Kensington, LondonOutside a hotel in South Kensington high-street


Green bottlesIced green bottles in Wholefoods

Coffee breakA much needed coffee break (in a superbusy South Kensington Starbucks. It wasn’t quite the relaxing 15 minutes I was hoping for).

So what have I learnt? Well mainly that I still need to inject some serious COLOUR into my photos. I feel like these are so boring! Also, I’d quite like to learn some tips and tricks for making everyday objects look beautiful. If you’re looking for the same, I recommend you take a look at Michelle’s day as she managed to take some amazing images and also had the idea to focus on a theme. Definitely stealing that idea!

Why don’t you join in next time?

Images via Celebrate Creation

3 responses to “#1day12pics September challenge”

  1. Thanks for taking part. It can be really hard getting the 12 pictures in (particularly one an hour) and I don’t always succeed but I still enjoy getting an insight into other people’s days (I blame my mother for my nosey gene) and having a chance to reflect on a day which might seem simple but is really just the everyday that we don’t always remember.

    Maybe I will work on a post on capturing the everyday. I think you are getting there – focus in on the details. See the beauty in the plain. And see you next month!

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