Sunday night feeling

Autumn scenesAutumn is well and truly here and I love it. It’s my favourite season of the year and October is my birthday month and so I suppose I’ve associated this season with treats and fun times with my loved ones for many years now!

This weekend has been blessed with good friends. I managed to catch up with some very much missed friends on Friday night, we had people over for a steak last night and we got to spend the afternoon with our church home group today. Toby and I feel so blessed to have so many loving people in our lives.

I also spent some time on Saturday with Angie, who is part of this great postal book club. I read about it yesterday and I want to join one! I’m going to write a more detailed post about this in the week but the crux of it is that I’ve decided to set up my own postal book club so if you fancy joining me, keep any eye out this week for further information on how you can join in. In the meantime I’m going to quiz Angie on how her club works 😉

Have a great week folks,

God bless,


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One response to “Sunday night feeling”

  1. Thats so great Claire. Look forward to reading more about your plans. Thank you for the lovely mention. Was great to see you too xx

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