Navy blue bathroom makeover

It’s no secret around here that navy blue is my go-to choice of colour for bathrooms. We’ve been working on updating our bathroom for a while now, saving and completing aspects of the interior as we go. Today I’m sharing our progress so far…

Our first step was to paint the walls in a deep navy blue and change the existing bath tiles for white subway tiles.
Navy bathroom 7

My sister gave me the vintage mirror which we decided to hang on the wall as a gift. I like the way is gives this room a focal point when you first walk in and also that it reminds me of her when I look at it.Navy bathroom 3

There are still a few finishing touches required, such as a bathroom blind. I can’t find one that I like at the moment and as we don’t have any neighbours who look over our back garden, and the glass is frosted, I’m happy to wait a little longer until we find the right one.

Navy bathroom 2

Navy bathroom 4

Navy bathroom 5

We’ve had the pressure to our shower improved which means there are no more ‘dribble’ showers in this house! The next step is to update the hardware, which will hopefully mean a new shower head and taps. I’m dreaming of a nice, wide shower head which will make showers on those cold winter mornings ahead a less daunting prospect. I have my eye on something like this:


It is from Mira showers and it’s easy to get lost whilst you browse the wide variety of shower heads on their site!

We have a lot of white in the room which helps to balance the dark navy. Our bathroom is on the snug side and so it would be easy for the room to seem even smaller with such a deep colour if we didn’t have lighter accessories and tiles. We’re still progressing with the room but I’m happy with how far we’ve come. It’s great to see projects planned and dreamt of brought to life.

If you are searching for more inspiration, you can see some other navy blue ideas on my bathroom Pinterest board.

Images via Celebrate Creation and Mira Showers

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Mira Showers. However all opinions are my own and the bathroom makeover was not influenced by Mira Showers.




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