Sunday night feeling

cosy winter fireplace

Cosy socks? Check. Cup of tea? Check. Roaring fireplace?.. not in our house, but we do have plenty of blankets and central heating. Not quite as nice as an open fire but I’m grateful for the warmth this evening!

In saying that, we have had a remarkably sunny few days in London this past week and enjoyed an amazingly bright Saturday yesterday, which meant the rain seem less bleak to me today. We’ve been blessed to have such bright and warm weather during the end of October.

So how was your weekend? I went to my first ever bloggers brunch event on Saturday and it was wonderful. Hosted by the incredibly talented Terri of The Lovely Drawer, we bloggers enjoyed some fabulous food and great conversation and I’m looking forward to reading the blogs of the ladies that I met there (if I haven’t already that is). I also participated in 1 day 12 pics again this month and will be sharing my images this week. I took the first 3 at the bloggers brunch and due to Terri’s amazing styling skills, my photographs already look more colourful and interesting than the photographs I took last month!

I’ll be back in the week to share this months 1 day 12 pics and will also be sharing an autumn garland DIY so be sure to check in again during the week.

Have a good Monday folks,


Image via Elly Amadori

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