Key information your hair stylist needs to know.

803146d09853ca12964dc66d11a34a71Ever had a nightmare hair cut at the hairdressers? I have. It happened at the end of the summer, when I went to have my hair dyed. I went in with a picture of Christina Hendricks, hoping for a slightly darker version of my already naturally red hair. However I came out with something pinkish/purplish in colour and a head full of regret. However I don’t blame myself for this. I took in a picture after all! But as I’m hoping to have my hair dyed again in the new year, I’m determined to ensure that it’s right this time.

Do you have any advice for communicating your hair styling desires to your hairstylist? Here’s some tips that I’ve found which I’m planning to put into practice. In the meantime, here’s some up-dos which might come in handy if you’re looking for a style for a new year’s eve party.

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