New-Years-Resolution-for-Brands-Get-Digital-Marketing-Strategies-Sorted-Out-NowDo you set yourself a new year’s resolution each year? I used to but gave up a few years ago. Like most people, I never kept them and even forgot them sometimes as they were things I felt I ‘ought’ to do instead of resolutions that I actually wanted to keep. Now I set myself goals for the year ahead. A friend of mine does this and it really inspired me when he told me about it. Mainly because everything on his list was so much fun! The items on his list ranged from trying sushi to jumping out of an aeroplane. Not quite my cup of tea (jumping out the plane, I love sushi) but they were things that he really wanted to do so they went on his list and he did them.

This year was the first year that I tried my own ‘big list of 10’ and I wrote a post about it back in January. I managed to do the following from my list in 2014:

I joined a gospel choir,

raised some money for charity (with my gospel choir),

did something that scared me (I sang a solo with my gospel choir in front of a few hundred people, yikes! I also had an operation this year which was scary but I’m thankful that I had it).

had an adventure with Toby (we went on an amazing holiday to San Francisco),

read 12 books from my Amazon wish list,

trained for a 5k run,

completed the Ali Edwards ‘One little word’ course in an effort to expand my creative skills,

took a sketch pad to the V&A museum in London and made some pencil sketches,

had afternoon tea at the Ritz.

Phew! As you can see, these things were just for fun and whilst they had some great benefits such as improving my health, taking me out of my comfort zone and teaching me a new skill, I mostly completed them because I wanted to and they would have been on my ‘I would like to do this’ list anyway! Much better than making resolutions in my opinion.

I’m making another ‘big list of 10’ for this year which I’ll share in another post soon. I’ll be carrying over one of the items from my list last year that I didn’t complete as I’d still like to do it.

What would be on your ‘big list of 10’? Remember, you need to put things on there that you really would like to do in 2015, purely for fun and not because you feel you should or must.

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PS: If you really want to make a resolution for 2015, you can find some inspiration here or learn about 15 things you should to stop doing in 2015 here.


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