It’s 2015!


A very happy new year to you! Thank you so much for reading this little blog and for all of your encouragement and engagement during 2014. I have high hopes that Celebrate Creation will continue to grow during 2015 and I have plans for some new content this year. I still have a passion for interiors and crafting but over the last three years of blogging, I’ve found that my interests are wider than just these two main areas and so I’m planning on branching out a bit. There will still be lots on interior design and styling though – that’s not going anywhere fast!  I’ll share more details in a fuller post soon.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a resource to help focus you for this coming year, can I recommend Susannah Conway’s ‘Unravelling the year ahead’ workbook? It’s completely free and I have enjoyed working through it during January for the past few years now.

I pray that you will know many blessings during 2015 – let’s hope for an exciting year ahead!


Image via FellowFellow