Sunday night feeling


So here it is – one of my first attempts at using our camera more expertly! I was playing around with the focus and aperture whilst we walked around the beautiful lost gardens of Heligan in Cornwall. I’ve been wanting to practice using our camera for a long time now but never really had the chance to set aside time to focus on it until recently. I’m glad I did as I really want to improve my lifestyle photographs for Celebrate Creation.

I love this succulent plant by the way and am looking out for something similar for my desk at work. The succulents were housed in a white green house in the gardens and the gardener had left some small pumpkins out next to them so I played around trying to get some snaps of them too. That part didn’t work out so well unfortunately but it helped me learn some lessons about depth of field in a photograph for the next time I’m with my camera.

All in all it was a pretty great learning experience. I’m planing on using my photographs in this month’s ‘One Little Word’ prompt. I’m trying to record photographs from each month of the year so that my project becomes a bit of a mix between a photo album and a writing/memory project. I’ll share some images of my project folder in the future so that you have a clearer idea of what I’m trying to create.

Have you learnt any new skills recently or practised existing ones?

Have a good week everyone.


Image Celebrate Creation

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