Interior loves: A West Village Townhouse

BA002027During my post on Sunday evening, I shared that Toby and I are planning a move over to Kingston upon Thames in Surrey. With a possible move on the horizon comes a whole realm of possibilities for new interior decor, especially as we are probably looking at purchasing a ‘doer upper’ on our budget. London house prices are just crazy as I’m sure you already know. Still, I love an interior design challenge and so have started to curate ideas on Pinterest and in an interiors journal that I have which contain good old fashioned ‘I cut this idea out of a magazine’ pictures. Remember those?

As I was looking online, this image stole my attention and so I did a bit of searching until I found the original source and boy was it worth the effort. The image above is from a gorgeous town house in the West Village of New York. The herringbone flooring and white bookshelves were the first design features to grab my attention. If we have space in our new place (wherever that is), I’m thinking of creating something similar in a hallway in order to store our books. We have have a huge number of books and it would be good to get them out of the living room and study in order to save space and also make more of a feature out of them.

Of course I’m also attracted to the pop of grey peeking out from the kitchen in this image. It’s a great kitchen. Take a look:





Gorgeous no? You can see more images from this house, along with some other fantastic house tours on Brittany Ambridge’s website.

Images taken by Brittany Ambridge for Domino Magazine.

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