Styling the Seasons April title headerWelcome to my styling the seasons post for April. I’m happy to be joining in with styling this month and am grateful for the week off I had last week as I had a bit more time than usual to style a surface. I chose to style the top of a cabinet in our kitchen as the spring weather has encouraged me to reach for my cookery books to see what new dishes I can make from the fruits and vegetables that are starting to come into season.Styling the seasons April 1Easter is a special time of year for my family and I. Therefore I decided to include some of the pastel coloured eggs that I used to decorate our home over the Easter weekend. The eggs and cupcake cases are included because I enjoy baking and tend to move on from sticky toffee pudding and other  indulgent winter bakes to lighter cupcakes and tea loaves during the spring.

Styling the seasons April 2

Styling the Seasons April 3

Styling the Seasons April 4

Styling the Seasons April 5You may notice an absence of spring blooms in my photographs. It’s not that we don’t have them, we have our fair share of hyacinths at the moment trust me! However I bought the dried poppy heads at the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall a few months ago and have enjoyed having them in our kitchen these past few weeks and so wanted to include them.

It’s been great to join in with styling the seasons this month, I’ve really enjoyed it. If you want to get involved then head over to Charlotte or Katy’s blog for more information. There is a competition running alongside this month’s styling the seasons so if you want to join in be sure to use the hashtag #StylingSpringAtMine when publicising your entry on social media.

I’m off to look at other entries now. It’s a good way to pick up styling tips!

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