Sunday night feeling


Good evening, how was your weekend? We celebrated my dad’s 60th birthday last night at an amazing French restaurant in Kew called Ma Cuisine. Such lovely food. We ate like kings and then had some gluten free birthday cake for dessert as my dad has recently discovered he is allergic to gluten. Now I have to be honest and admit that my expectations for this cake were pretty low. I know, I know, is there a term for that? Glutenist? Anyhow, I found a great artisan bakery in our local high street who baked one for us and it was amazing. One of the best birthday cakes I’ve ever eaten! So there. That taught me a lesson 😉

So lots of eating and then church this morning which was pretty busy. Actually, the topic of the sermon today was on busyness so there’s a little irony for you. I only heard some of it as I was serving as part of the welcome team this week (which I’m loving), and was in and out of the service a bit. I’m going to catch up this week when it’s posted online and will include a link in case you’d like to listen. I’m guessing it’s a topic we can all relate to!

My week ahead contains lots of meetings and tasks for my research project at work. It’s feeling really good to achieve tasks and meet deadlines that have been in my diary for weeks. I’m also posting a special DIY here on Wednesday in collaboration with Laura Ashley which I’m excited to share so do check back in then.

What do you have in store this week?

Have a good Monday,


Image via Martha Stewart

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