Summer garden essentials: Outdoor fire pit

Earlier on in the week I shared some simple lighting ideas that you can use in absolutely any garden to create atmosphere during the (hopefully coming soon) summer evenings. Today I want to share another idea for a garden feature with you. Outdoor fire pits. Toby and I started investigating fire pits last summer but never got around to purchasing one. Then back in April, Achica got in touch with me to see if I would be interested in featuring one of their home ware products on Celebrate Creation. After saying yes, I immediately knew what to choose. Yep. A fire pit. We used it for the first time over the bank holiday weekend and it was a huge success for several reasons.

Fire pit full shot

First, the fire pit we chose is a perfect size for our snug garden. We don’t have a huge outdoor space so this pit is large enough to hold a decent fire, but not so big that it is all encompassing in the garden. We placed it in the middle of our garden at its widest point to ensure that there weren’t any overhanging leaves or branches so that nothing could catch fire accidentally. Secondly, it was a huge hit with Toby who spent about an hour burning old wood that we had lying at the size of the house from a bush and small tree we had to cut down after the storms in February last year. When he started adding leaves it got a bit out of hand as they produced a lot of smoke so take care to check that the materials you are burning are suitable for the fire pit. If in doubt check with your local fire station and follow all instructions that come with the fire pit carefully.Fire pit two

Fire pit close up

Fire pit cooking

After the fire had died down, it was my turn to enjoy using the fire pit. It has a detachable cooking grill feature and those rather strange looking parcels on top of the pit are bananas wrapped in tin foil. I made small incisions in the bananas (leaving the skin on) and pushed some dark chocolate into them. Then I wrapped the bananas in foil and put them onto the fire pit. After about 30 minutes, the bananas had cooked through and the chocolate was melted. (You know the bananas are cooked if the skin has turned black). It made a yummy pudding that evening and I highly recommend it! You can do this without a fire pit by following the same instructions and placing the bananas into your oven at home.

Fire pit bananas

Fire pit close up full lengthThen as the fire died down and the evening light started to fade, we sat next to the fire pit and warmed our hands whilst chatting into the night.

Toby and I don’t have little ones just yet and so we were able to use the fire pit without worrying about children nearby. If you do have children, be sure to take extra care when using fire pits, as I’m sure you would anyway! We have our niece and nephews staying this weekend who are 5, 7 and 9 years old. We are hoping to use the fire pit again with them to make S’mores. I made these years and years ago when I worked as a camp counsellor in the States and so it’ll be fun to recreate the memory with my family. I’ll let you know how we get on!

Disclosure: The fire pit was chosen by me but given for free by Achica for the purposes of this review. All opinions are honest and my own. I only recommend products I use myself. If using a fire pit, please ensure you read the instructions very carefully and set the pit in the middle of a well ventilated and clear space in your garden.

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