An Autumn styling project

Glitter pumpkins

We’ve been in our new home for almost two months now. When friends ask me if we are feeling settled my answer is usually ‘yes, our home no longer looks messy because we are living out of boxes. It just looks messy because we live there!’ A slight exaggeration perhaps, it’s not that bad really. but I’m glad to see everything slowly find a home as we adjust to life in a different part of London.

We have a large wooden chest which we now keep in our dining room (it used to have our TV on it and be in the living room). It’s a great place to create a display and so I’m hoping to style it a little this coming weekend in order to participate once more in styling the seasons. You can see my past entries here and here. These cute pumpkins look fairly easy to recreate and will make an interesting feature I think. Do you like them?

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