Sunday night feeling


Good evening friends! How are you? I hope that you’ve had a restful weekend and enjoyed the fireworks if you went to a display or lit them in your back garden. We went to a friend’s house on Saturday evening and enjoyed fireworks, hot dogs and the first mulled wine of the season. Yes. Other than that things have been pretty quiet in our house as we’ve needed a good break this weekend. The past few weeks have been busy! I spent an hour on the sofa with a cup of tea and a good book this afternoon and it was great. I’m reading ‘No matter what’ by Sally Donovan. It’s the story of Sally and her husband Rob and their journey to becoming adoptive parents. I can’t put it down and thoroughly recommend it if you are looking to adopt or if you would like an insight into what the process is like for those that have/are considering adoption. I got to the part where Sally and Rob met their children for the first time this afternoon and must admit that I started crying. I feel so ‘for’ for their family it’s unbelievable – even though I’ve never met them! Anyhow, I shed some happy tears when they met their children and woke up Toby who was having a nap next to me!

Talking of happy tears, we went to our friend’s baptism this afternoon and a few more happy tears were shed then too. This particular friend has known some very tough times in her life and so it was amazing to be in the privileged position of celebrating her baptism with her.

Oh well, on to another full week! Lots of tutorials, marking and a conference on Friday ahead for me. What does your week hold?

Have a good Monday!


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