Nearly the weekend!


So it’s almost the weekend! What are your plans? We have a firework party to go to on Saturday night which I’m looking forward to. I’m promised there will be a big bonfire and some hot dogs. Yum. I’m also planning on taking a long walk at some point as since the clocks have gone back I’m noticing the nights drawing in and am missing the daylight! That’s not great for my mood I find and so a walk, coupled with a park run on Saturday morning (weather permitting) should hopefully keep my spirits up.

Dare I ask which of you have started your Christmas shopping yet? Don’t shout at me please! I absolutely love Christmas and so for me, starting the shopping isn’t a stressful thing. I have a massive family and so it makes sense to start early. I also need to get a few bits for myself too – such as a body wash. I’m considering spending out on a nice REN one as I usually just spend a pound on whatever is on offer in the supermarket. I feel that now I’m getting older I should spend a bit more on things like this. Or is that just an excuse..?!

Whatever your plans, have a good weekend!

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