Interior crush: Tom Dixon


It was my birthday a few weeks ago and so Toby and I took the day off work and headed into London for the day. We did a few of our favourite things, such as eating fancy food, taking in some art and shopping in Harrods. I have another post planned about the day and will share more details about it then. However for today, I wanted to share the gorgeous interior design of the Tom Dixon sandwich cafe in Harrods.

I absolutely love the colour palette for this cafe. Moody greens, navy and purple create a luxurious atmosphere whilst the gold accents add to the indulgence of the space. This is then juxtaposed against exposed brickwork on the walls which adds an industrial feel. We sat in two of the green winged chairs you can see above and ate sandwiches and drank tea.

Tom Dixon 2

This gallery wall was opposite us and is a sticking focal point in the room. All in all, not a bad place to have lunch!


Tom Dixon is well known for his interior accessories design and is stocked in Heals as well as Harrods. You can find out more about Tom Dixon’s design here.

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