Hello Sunday night feeling! It’s good to be back!


Good evening friends! How are you? It’s so good to be back here on the blog and posting once again. There’s so much to catch you up on…

So as you can probably tell, the summer didn’t go quite as planned. When I last posted, I was hoping to take a 6 week break so that we could focus on moving home and whilst I finished my Master’s research paper. I managed to finish the research paper and so have now completed my Master’s degree. Phew! However, unfortunately the house we were in the process of buying fell through as the owner decided to take it off the market 😦 We were sorely disappointed and also rather annoyed to be honest as we had spent so much money on local authority searches, surveys and solicitors fees which you obviously can’t get a refund on. Oh the joys of buying property in the UK! Still, we were blessed with another property just a few weeks after and I’m now writing this sitting on the sofa in our new living room. Yay! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a few images of our new home already. We live in a small Victorian house in south west London and are loving it! I’m so grateful for all we have been given and am particularly loving sitting in front of the fire at the weekends and watching Strictly.



We are enjoying autumn walks in our new neighbourhood and finding lots of new places to eat out! Autumn is definitely my favourite season and is usually the time of year when I start to settle into some new craft projects. I’m teaching a friend to knit at the moment and am making some little hats to go on top of Innocent smoothies drinks in an effort to help raise money for Age Concern this winter. They are super easy to make and a great project for beginners if you fancy joining in. You can find out more information, as well as some hat patterns, here. I keep finding them strewn around the house in the mornings as our cat Jess seems to think I’m knitting them for her and so is digging them out of the knitting basket and then playing with them during the night. I caught her in the act earlier on this week. Cheeky.


So that’s a brief round up of some of the happenings over my summer. What’s new with you? I have some more interior design content, autumn and winter craft projects and also posts about everyday life in London planned for the next two months so please do come back soon. I’m going back to my usual 3 posts per week schedule from today so you can expect to see new content on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday each week.

Please do leave me a comment below and include your twitter or Instagram handle so that I can follow you.

Have a good Monday!


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