Christmas door wreath inspiration

I’m known amongst my family as being a bit of a door wreath fan. I have a wreath on our door all year round and change it according to the season. It’s my inner Martha Stewart, what can I say? So obviously, I have a Christmas wreath every year however this year I made it! I went to a ladies craft event a week ago at a church that I used to attend before we moved. We could either make table decorations or door wreaths. No contest for me. Before I went, I created a Pinterest wreath inspiration board as I’m useless at creating off the top of my head. I always need to look at something to give me an idea. Here are some of my favourite Pinterest finds:

Door wreath 1

Door wreath 2

Door wreath 3

I love the evergreen in the first wreath, the design of the second and the simplicity of the third image. Technically I guess the third image isn’t a door wreath but I think it’s a lovely idea and one I may try my hand at after the weekend. We are visiting Toby’s father in the countryside on Saturday and so I’m thinking of sending my gorgeous little niece and nephews out on a pine cone hunt in the garden.

Claire wreath making

Here’s my very happy face as I made my wreath.

Door wreath home

And here is the finished product. I apologise for the image, there isn’t a lot of light by our front door as you have to enter from the side at the moment (we have an extension planned to change that)! I took inspiration from the first image and decided to use lots of natural greenery. I also copied the second wreath slightly in that I decided to structure the arrangement so that the majority of the coloured leaves and berries were on the left hand side. This meant that the rest of the wreath was fairly simple to create as I stuck to different types of greenery only. I added a bow at the top and some cinnamon sticks and dried orange with wire. And there you have it.

Have you tried making a door wreath at Christmas? If not, it’s a fun and very simple project to do. You can buy green oasis from most garden centres. Just soak it in water for 4 – 6 hours, leave to drain and then add in your greenery. You can use leaves from your garden or go on a walk nearby and take a few cuttings here and there from bushes as long as they are not on private land and you are discrete!

P.S: You can see more of my Christmas wreath pins here.

Images via: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Celebrate Creation 

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