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Want to know a secret? I always find it slightly amazing when I hear about my friends doing what I consider to be ‘grown up’ jobs. Doctors, nurses, teachers (even though I’m one myself!) and small business owners. These were the people that my parents used to know and now it’s me who can say, ‘you like this stationary I’m using? I bought it from my friend’s shop’. So with that in mind, here are two lovely online shops owned by my dear friend Ruth from Gathered Cheer blog and a friend of a friend called Lucy who owns The Wisehouse. Both have great taste and both stock some gorgeous stocking fillers and Christmas gifts should you still be in the market for some online Christmas shopping. Here are a few of my favourite things…

Gifts from The Wisehouse:

Red print

Bless this home art print. Currently on sale!



Wheat water bottle

Hot wheatabottle

Gifts from Gathered Cheer:


Gift flags


Striped stoneware serving dish

Wool blanket

Grey wool blanket

Happy shopping!

Images via The Wisehouse and Gathered Cheer

Please note, this is not a sponsored post. Just wanted to share some online gift shops that I genuinely love with you!