2016 Goals

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As I mentioned in Sunday’s post, I’m not really one for setting new year resolutions. Instead for the past two years I’ve written down ten things that I’d like to do, or achieve, in the coming year. It’s an idea that I originally stole from a friend of mine who does this and he inspired me to give it a try. The idea isn’t to have huge goals necessarily. In the past, some of my goals have been to eat at a certain restaurant, or to visit an art gallery with a sketch book and spend time sketching. The main thing is that the goals are something I want to do. Not that I feel I should do or have to do. That doesn’t mean they can’t be challenging. Going from being a non-runner to training to run 5K was really hard for me for example. But the sense of achievement I have every time I run now is incredible. The hard work was definitely worth it!

If you are interested to find out more about my past goals, you can read about them in this post. I also wrote a post on how to achieve your goals where I shared some of my experiences from the past year that worked for me personally.

As for 2016, I have a few items on my goal list but want to spend a bit more time thinking about it and so haven’t got my ten yet. Still, if I can’t think of ten, I’ll just stick to what I’ve got. The idea is to have fun with this. Not create another ‘to do’ list! So far I’d like to:

Finish my interior design diploma

Practice styling in my home and share my development on Celebrate Creation

Go horse riding

Create a reading list for 2016. I’ll sure my friend Angie from Changing Pages can help me with that one!

How about you? Are you a resolution setter or goal setter? Or neither?

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