Styling the seasons : January 2016


January. Post-Christmas, cold, dark by 4pm, January doesn’t always get the best PR. However I don’t mind it so much! Perhaps I am completely alone in this but I enjoy getting back into a routine and making plans for the future after the lazy days of the Christmas season. I love relaxing as much as the next person; in fact I think I’m pretty expert at it but relaxation is only fully appreciated when precluded by a period of activity and work.

So for this month’s styling the seasons, I’m focussing on an area of my home that provides retreat from cold winter days and is a space for a little bit of pampering after a day at work. My bathroom.

SSS Jan full shot

I have a variety of oils from Aromatherapy associates in my bathroom – some for energising and some for encouraging relaxation. I also have books, face masks and plenty of candles. I make it a priority to spend one evening a week slowing down and recharging by taking a bubble bath and fully indulge in them this time of year as I know I won’t bother once it gets warmer. I must admit that I spend out on the face masks as I think it’s worth investing in a good one. I get my recommendations from Lisa Eldridge (not personally of course, But through watching her You Tube videos. Although I’m sure if we ever met we’d be great friends…) You can see her face mask recommendations for yourself here.

SSS Jan close up

What does January mean to you? You can join in with Styling the seasons for yourself at any time. Just use the hashtag #styling the seasons on social media and tag Katy and Lottsandlots so that they can find you and add you to the community.

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