3 interior design blogs you need to read


As you know, I’m all about sharing the love here on Celebrate Creation. If there’s a blog, book or resource that I think is great, I’ll share it. Today I wanted to share 3 interior design bloggers/You tubers that I’ve been following who have sparked ideas that I’ve noted down either for my own home, or for one of my clients. (By the way, is ‘Youtuber’ a phrase or does that just show my age?!) So here they are:


Sarah Akwisombe. I love Sarah’s blog and her attitude. She’s feisty in a really great way and it comes out in her design. Sarah’s tastes are quite different to mine at times but I love that as she inspires me to try something different. If I’m going to grow as a designer/decorator, I need to be open to the talents and tastes of a wide variety of fellow designers. That’s why I like Sarah’s blog. She also has a You Tube channel which is well worth checking out. My favourite video so far is how to style a bookshelf. I love how she pokes fun at the notion of ‘oh I just threw all these things together on a shelf’ when in actual fact people spend ages taking everything off the shelf before carefully placing items back again. In short, it’s not effortless and she’s not afraid to show it!


Sophie Robinson. Sophie’s blog is packed to the brim with design tips, insider information on her TV show ‘The Great Interior Design Challenge’, and practical solutions for tricky styling dilemmas, such as how to hide the TV in a room. Another reason I’m drawn to Sophie’s blog is because she teaches me how to work with colour. Log on and you’ll be hit with bright blocks of colour on the site, which I love. I’m thinking I’m far too grey and monochrome…


Maxine Brady is the blogger behind We Love Home. Maxine is an interior stylist and shares some valuable tips on how to develop your talent and break into the styling industry. She also has a You Tube channel which I discovered over Christmas when I watched her tutorial on how to style a Christmas mantel piece. Ok, I realise that Christmas is over now but take a look for yourself and see it as early research for next year or just an opportunity to steal some ideas that you can adapt for your mantle or a floating shelf now.

So there you have it. Some weekend reading and viewing for you! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back here on Sunday. We’re heading off down to Whitstable in Kent to visit some friends who recently moved there so I’m hoping for some brisk walks on the beach and lots of good food over the next few days.

Images via The Everygirl, Sarah Akwisombe, Sophie Robinson, Maxine Brady

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