Sunday night feeling


Good evening, how was your weekend? We spent a very chilled and relaxed weekend with some friends who have recently moved to Whitstable, in Kent. It was lovely to catch up with them and to see their new home. We enjoyed the sea air, some shopping and fish and chips on the beach. Beautiful.

 We visited a few art galleries on Saturday and it was there that I saw the work of Harriet Peachey. A local artist, Harriet paints the sea coast in Kent. My friend L loved her work (as did I). So much so in fact, that Toby and I babysat for L and her husband this afternoon so that they could run back to the gallery child free and pick up a few of her prints. You can see Harriet’s work and find out a bit more about her via her website. 



Have a good Monday,


Images via Harriet Peachey.