How to brighten the dullest of January days.


Looking for an easy way to demonstrate some self-care and brighten up your workplace? Buy a single flower from your local florist each week and place it wherever you happen to work most. If you’re a working mum at home, that could be your kitchen table perhaps. If like me you work full time outside the home, it may be your office desk. I originally heard about this idea from Rona over at the Flowerona blog. I was watching one of Rona’s You tube videos and she spoke about buying a single flower each week as a way to brighten her desk when working in the city. Last week, I decided to do the same and have been enjoying sitting next to a bright orange gerbera ever since. It’s an inexpensive treat as you are only buying one stem (although of course if you fancy buying more, I won’t stop you!)

Image AshleyElla Design

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