How to make a digital moodboard


For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to make digital mood boards. I’ve pinned countless tutorials from the internet and spent many an hour reading up on how to utilise Photoshop or a similar application, to make them. The problem is, I’m short on time as I have a full time job outside of studying for my interior design diploma and I don’t have Photoshop!

Thankfully, I recently stumbled across Polyvore and it quickly resolved my digital mood board ineptitude. I’m still playing around with it and getting to know the site, but my first impressions are good. You simply choose a mood board (or ‘set’ as they call them) template, decide whether you want to create a fashion set or one for the home and then start to click and drag items you like from the library. You can also download an application for your toolbar a bit like the pin it button from Pinterest, which allows you to save items you like from other websites to use on your mood boards.

We are about to re-style our master bedroom at home and so here is the mood board I created as inspiration:

Bedroom moodboard

The bed is from John Lewis and is the one we are hoping to get, so I created the rest of the scheme around that. We already have curtains and a carpet not too dissimilar to the ones featured here and so all that is left to do is accessorise. Although this is my ideal colour palette, I’m not sure it will go down too well with Toby. It might be too feminine for him and so I’ll have to think of some ways in which to make it more unisex. Perhaps a dark wood for the bedside tables.

If you are seeking to make digital mood boards for yourself, I recommend you give Polyvore a try. Let me know if you join and I’ll follow you.

Images Ashley Ella Design and Celebrate Creation

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