3 You Tube channels for the over 30s


I have a guilty secret to confess. I’m a secret 30+ You Tube watcher. *Gasp!* I freely admit to the fact that I am slightly hooked on watching young women in their twenties telling me what ‘drug store’ foundation to use and whether it’s worth spending out on a Chanel eye make up remover. Seriously I joke but I actually owe these girls a few bob as they’ve saved me from some dodgy make up purchases and I must admit, given me a few ideas. But…whilst I think they are all lovely and sweet, some of what is said doesn’t translate well for a woman  who is 35. Also, I will freely exclaim that I cannot bear the pouting at the end of a make up tutorial when these spritely young ones are showing me their finished look. So what’s a woman to do when she a)enjoys these tutorials but b)feels a bit too old for them? She keeps persevering and scanning You Tube so that she can share a few channels more appropriate for women in their thirties with you is what!

So here are my top three You Tube channels for women over thirty:

  1. Caroline Hirons. If you enjoy make up, skin care and laughing, this is the woman for you. No pouting at the end of the tutorial unless she’s taking the mickey, Caroline provides sincere, honest advice and down to earth chatter that I just love. She’s honest and real about what she can and can’t achieve in a day and doesn’t try to produce a video that suggests a polished and perfect life. Just a real one. Take a look at one of her vlogs and you’ll see what I mean. She’s amazing.
  2. Lisa Eldridge. This is the lady who first introduced me to the world of You Tube videos and make up tutorials. Lisa produces elegant, sophisticated and informative make up and skin care tutorials. Watch them and you’ll learn a lot I promise.
  3. Sew Over It. I’ve attended a few dressmaking classes in London at the Sew Over It shops and always thoroughly enjoyed them. When I discovered that the business owner, Lisa Comfort, had started to make videos I headed straight to her channel to take a look. As someone who enjoys making things, I find her videos very inspiring but I also enjoy watching and learning from a creative business owner. Whilst Lisa doesn’t provide business advice in her videos, you do hear about her life behind the scenes as a shop and small business owner, which I find fascinating. Plus her flat in London is just gorgeous and so I enjoy having nosey at her home in the background.

Do you have any other You Tube channels that you follow? Or is it just me…

Image via The Everygirl

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