Garden office} progress so far…


Hello! How is your weekend so far? We’ve been enjoying some gorgeous sunshine in London today, which I’m very grateful for. Especially as we have so many garden related jobs to do at the moment.

As you can see, I’m back on a Sunday for this week’s post but instead of posting my usual ‘Sunday night feeling’ series, I’ve decided to update you on our garden office progress as I’ve been receiving lots of questions about it on social media.

The image above is before we started any work. As you can see, we had a brick shed at the end of the garden. It was quite nice to be honest but was on a sloping piece of land and so wasn’t very safe as it used to lean forward. It also had a very old and leaky roof which appeared to be made of thick cardboard. (It wasn’t, it just looked that way!) Anyhow, as you can imagine, it needed to be updated. We decided to have the roof tested for asbestos on the recommendation of our builder before it was removed and I’m so glad that we did as it does in fact contain asbestos. It’s a low grade variety and so therefore low risk but it does mean that the builders can’t dispose of it and so the council will come and remove it safely. That would be my first tip – if you are at all in doubt, get your materials tested for asbestos. It was very easy to do and only cost us £45 which is a small price to pay for health.


Here you can see the work in action on day 1! We asked the builders to save as many of the bricks as possible as they are London stocks bricks, which are valuable. They did a great job and were able to save around 400 for us so we can sell them on. That will help to pay for some of the work!

After removing the old structure, the builders laid a new concrete base and then set up the garden office we have purchased.


It’s a pretty straightforward timber structure and cost £1,300. It’s not insulated so that is something we are considering adding in the future if we work out there in the winter months. We are having electricity wired in so we can have a small heater and power for our laptop etc.


Another useful feature of this office/summerhouse is that there is a small lockable section at the side so you can lock away bikes and garden tools. This means that we won’t lose out on shed storage space after we have set up our office.


Our inspiration for this garden office came after our visit to the RHS Chelsea flower show earlier on in the year. We saw a few summer houses set up which were just beautiful. They ranged in price from £8,000-£11,000 however. Way above our budget. It would be true to say that the wood used for the summer houses at Chelsea would be much thicker than the wood on our one and they are probably already insulated. Even so, I’m pleased with our summer house and can’t wait to start decorating it inside and setting it up as an office. I’ll keep you posted as we go!



As you can see, the structure in these images is set up as a summer house and whilst we are using ours as an office, there are some styling ideas that I’m going steal. We may lay flooring down and will paint the inside a light colour in order to maximise the space. We already have the furniture we want to use inside but I will add in a mirror and probably a rug and uplighter too. We’ll have to see!

I’ll be sharing my decor inspiration for this new room and our progress over the next few weeks so be sure to stay tuned for that. I’ll also share a breakdown of the cost so you can see how to create a garden office on a budget.


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