How to recreate inspiring interiors from your holiday at home

Hello! Today I’m sharing the ways in which I try to incorporate the design details I notice whilst on holiday into my home. I know that I’m not alone when I say that I’m often inspired when visiting a new place, or taking a break from work. My brain has time to think when I’m on holiday and I notice so many new things as a result. Here are three images I took when visiting the town of Honfleur in Normandy recently, along with some ideas as to how I might recreate the design details I noticed in my home.

Honfleur lamp

The reason I stopped to take this photo is because I love the contrast of dark metal against a lighter building. The one thing that strikes you in Normandy is the architecture of the houses. Normandy is rich in history and many houses and buildings are original structures, or built to stay in keeping with the Normandy style of architecture. It’s very similar to the Tudor style in the UK but the street lighting in France is much more beautiful in design. In my opinion anyway!

Industrial style lighting

You can create a similar contrast in your own home by hanging industrial lighting fixtures against white, or pale, walls and ceilings.

Honfleur yellow window

I took this image as the pop of yellow and green stood out so brilliantly against the darker grey tiles. The window was above an ice cream shop and so the street here was packed. I just managed to get a quick shot though before my poor husband gave me that ‘I thought you said you were following me to get an ice-cream but you’ve just stopped to take another photo. Again.’ look.

Plants in the bathroom

I took inspiration from the image above and applied it to the bathroom. The black and white accessories and bath contrast beautifully with the green foliage of the plants. An easy and interesting way to add some colourful contrast and personality to the bathroom.

Ferris wheel

I love this image. I got really lucky when I took this one as the light caught beautifully. I’d like to say that this is down to my epic photography skills but it isn’t. I took all of the images on my i-phone as well and so I’m even more pleased with how this one turned out. It was the hottest of days when we visited Honfleur and whilst I love the sunshine, I’m not one for the heat. It was well worth the extra seconds standing in the sweltering heat to get this shot though. I was thinking about how I could replicate the bright colours of this image in my house when it struck me that…

Striped straws

I have about a million packets of striped straws. You know when striped straws first hit Pinterest a few years ago and everyone rushed out to buy them online? Well I was one of those mouse-clicking straw shoppers. I have packets and packets of them still as I quickly found out that unless you are hosting a wedding/baby shower or using them for styling, you may not use them on an everyday basis like you first thought. My husband refuses to drink out of any Pinterest inspired drinking implements, which includes striped straws and mason jars. I don’t blame him though. He doesn’t share the same love of these things as I do. It does mean however that I can use these straws for a bit of summer styling in my kitchen and have them on display in little vases. It looks quite cute and works well for the summer season. It also reminds me of our holiday in Normandy which is the whole point 🙂

So how about you? How do you curate mementos from holidays or times away in your home?


Images 1, 3, 5 Celebrate Creation. 2, 4 and 6.

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