Felt heart bookmarks

I’ve been blogging here at Celebrate Creation for just over 5 years now and so have a lot of older content which you may not have seen. I’ve decided to do some re-posting for the next few Fridays in order to post more frequently and also increase the longevity of my past posts!

I’ll be sharing some of my most popular posts related to craft, interior design and homemaking. Be sure to tune in every Friday for a blast from the past (for me) and some new content for you. Let’s make a start with this post from Autumn 2013…

The Autumn leaves are beginning to fall and the evenings are drawing in which always inspires me to start making small craft projects in the evening. I have to be honest and admit that I have a lack of stamina for large projects sometimes and so love to make items that can be completed in a few hours.

Felt heart bookmark

This felt heart bookmark is a great way to start I think. Plus I’ve recently bought a few new reads from my local charity bookshop so have plenty of pages that require a bookmark at the moment!

Image via Dulcesobremesa blog

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