Sunday night feeling: A day in Paris


Welcome back to Celebrate Creation. How are you? We’ve enjoyed a quiet and relaxing weekend over the past two days; I’ve caught up on errands, been to the theatre (we are very fortunate to live a 20 minute walk away from a local theatre) and also finished a book I started whilst we were on holiday in France the week before last. Lovely.

I thought I’d share some snaps from one of the days of our holiday with you in this ‘Sunday night feeling’ post. I always enjoy writing these posts as it’s an opportunity to reflect on life and be grateful for all that T and I have seen and experienced. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen some photos from our time in Normandy and also from a day that we spent in Paris. There are some images I’ve kept back for this post though so here they are!


We drove from where we were staying in Normandy down to Paris in about an hour and 45 mins. Not bad. T had managed to find a hotel with secure underground car parking that we could use for the day at only €15, which I thought was a pretty good price. The hotel was just across the road from the Paris metro and so we were able to get on a train and be in the centre of Paris in about 15 minutes. We had planned to go to the Tin Tin exhibition at the Grand Palais but were a little early so grabbed a coffee and an outside table at a nearby cafe. Because what else is better than that when in Paris? I took this photo from my seat outside. Beautiful.



After our coffee stop, we went over the exhibition. T is the biggest Tin Tin fan so it was great to do something he was excited about. Especially as I knew I was likely to drag him around the shops afterwards. Mwah ha ha!



After the exhibition, we decided to go and grab some lunch in a place which has probably one of the best views of Paris – the top floor of the department store Printemps! I doubt that many would argue that a decent meal can be had at a department store but we have always found this a great place to go for lunch on a sunny day, as you can eat outside on their roof terrace and enjoy a 360 degree views of Paris. Lunch will cost you around €15 but it’s well worth it for the view.


Apologies for T’s arm in the shot. There’s only so much you can reasonably ask a man to do when he is hungry and has a huge burger sat in front of him. A ‘can you move your arm please dear whilst I take a photo of this’ seemed a bit too much.


This photograph was taken from the top floor of Printemps, as was the first image in this post. As you can see, the buildings surrounding it are breathtaking. Talking of breathtaking, T was supposed to take this photograph of me; in fact he specifically asked me if he could take a photo for us, so of course I said yes but as we went over to the edge he suddenly had a fear of how high we were, and how tiny the people were below us, and so ran off! Poor guy! I’d like to say I was a gentle and supportive wife but  I actually found it quite funny and so laughed a lot. I ended up taking the photo myself as you can probably tell.


After lunch, we indulged in some shopping (birthday shopping for me as I had just celebrated my 36th birthday at the time) and then another coffee stop later on in the afternoon in order to rest our tired feet.


We finished off our shopping in the Dammann Freres tea shop in the stunning Place Des Vosges. We tend to go there every time we are in Paris in order to stock up on their Christmas tea blend.


I took this photo whilst sitting on a bench in the park at Place Des Vosges after our shopping trip. What a beautiful spot to sit in whilst you get your strength back!

Finally we grabbed an early dinner before heading back to the car and home again. It was a wonderful, relaxing day and I’m so glad we took the time to drive down to Paris. We will definitely be doing it again when we go to stay in Normandy. It’s my favourite city outside of London and I often say to T that I’d love for us to live there for a bit. Just a few months perhaps. If only a job sabbatical would come up for him in a museum there…

How about you? Where have you visited lately? I’ve been thinking about doing another Sunday Night Feeling post like this but about a day/weekend spent in my local area. Let me know in the comments below if you’d be interested in that.

In the meantime, be sure to follow me on Instagram in order to see what else I get up to on a daily basis. It’s the only social media platform I really use so definitely the best one to follow me on!

Have a good week,


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