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Well, my Blogmas posts haven’t been quite as regular as I’d hoped, but I’m back now and here’s another one! Life was so busy last week – mainly in lots of good ways although there was one particularly sad day on Thursday. The good included catching up with friends that we only get to see a few times a year and also baking cakes for a little one’s birthday party.

In the midst of all of that, I’ve been making a special effort to do something quiet and peaceful each day. There’s so much going on that it’s easy to get caught up in Christmas madness but I’m determined I’m going to try and avoid that this year (I didn’t feel as if I did a particularly good job at this last year and vowed to try and change things in 2016). My peaceful thing today was to invigilate an exam! It wasn’t fun for my poor students but I got to sit in a room and do absolutely nothing for a whole hour today as part of my work. Quite a odd thing to do perhaps, but I’m actually really grateful that I was forced to sit and do nothing (apart from invigilate of course!) for that hour. Well, I say do nothing. I did make a mental ‘to do’ list as there’s still plenty of Christmas prep to do. I’ve got a few more gifts to purchase, mainly for the men in my family, and so I thought I’d share an online store that I think is great in case you have any shopping still to do.


The online store is called ‘The WiseHouse’ and the owner, Lucy, kindly sent me one of her men’s ‘scrub up’ kits to take a look at. I thought it was lovely and decided to take a few images for you so you can take a closer look. The gift set is comprised of a wash bag, soap and a small soy candle.


Now I must admit, I didn’t give this to my husband but decided to try it out for myself instead. Opps! Hence the make up in this image. The wash bag is a great size and would make the perfect make up bag for travelling if you wanted to use it in this way! This is because it is slightly bigger than the average makeup bag and I usually want to take more products away with me at Christmas/New Year if I staying over with various family members over Christmas. A girl’s gotta have some New Year lipstick and nail polish options right?


The candle is just gorgeous! This is a coconut one that I lit whilst in the bathroom. They are just £5 each which is a bargain for such a high quality candle. I’ve seen on the website that they are selling out fast though so be sure to click over there quickly if you’re interested. The products at The Wise House are ethically sourced and many are organic, so well worth taking a look at.

A huge thank you to Lucy at The WiseHouse for sending me this gift set to try out. Make sure you go and say hi. She has a great blog.

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