Blogmas #6


Hello there friends, how are you? Busy? I expect so! Thanks for taking time out to stop by Celebrate Creation. I really value each and every reader and if you are a new reader, or recent subscriber, then a particular welcome to you!

Recently I went to a lovely evening at the Victoria and Albert Museum in town, where I listened to an interview with the rather splendid Tory Burch.


I didn’t take a snap of Tory whilst she was being interviewed, as it didn’t feel right during the middle of the interview in a lecture theatre. Plus I was to busy listening and learning! I love reading about women who are successful and hard working in their field – whatever their particular field might be. I find it hugely inspiring and the learning from them is invaluable.


My two pieces of ‘Tory Burch advice’ from the evening would be to 1, always have an opinion and 2, that sometimes you need to ignore the ‘noise’ from other people who may try to dissuade you from your chosen career or business choice. There will always be naysayers, and it’s important to be able to discern what is useful advice and what is unhelpful commentary on your choices.

If you are interested in The V&A evening events, you can find out more information here. Who knows, I may bump into you there.

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