Sunday night feeling – it’s back!


Hello there friends. It has been a very long time since I last posted. And I’d like to explain why.

For the past few years, my husband and I have been going through the UK adoption process. It’s not something I’ve ever shared on the blog as it doesn’t really relate to interiors (!) and also it’s a part of our lives that I wanted to keep private for a while and not share on Celebrate Creation. However, just after Christmas last year, we were matched with a beautiful little boy, who I’m happy to say is now our adopted son. That’s why my posts dried up around Christmas 2017! The past year was an absolute whirlwind as we adjusted to life as a family of three and navigated all of the challenges that adoption brings.

The sensitive nature of our particular adoption story means that I won’t be able to share details, or photographs of my son on Celebrate Creation. For some of you this may come as a huge relief! I’m not about to turn this blog into a parenting/mummy blog. However I do hope to share a few sneaky peeks into our lives and share things like his room decor etc.

Regular readers will also notice that the look of Celebrate Creation has changed and is now under the url of my interior design business name, I’m excited to say that I’ve now successfully completed my interior design diploma and am qualified to practice interior design. I’ll be sharing an insight into my business here on the blog and providing you with more details as we go along.

So lots of changes! In the meantime, let me say how great it is to be back and blogging. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with everyone in the blog community. Please do keep in touch via social media (you can find icons to my social media accounts on the right hand side of the site), or by leaving a comment below.


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2 responses to “Sunday night feeling – it’s back!”

  1. So pleased to you have you back in the blogosphere. Love the new look and can’t wait to read more. Absolutely thrilled you have become parents, couldn’t happen to a nicer couple xxx

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