I was surprised at the end of last year to see from my blog stats that I’ve been writing at Celebrate Creation for 6 years! (Well, I’m not sure that I can technically count last year, as I took the year off from the blog whilst on adoption leave but hey, it’s still a long time).

Now that we have the first year of adoption under our belts and I’ve finished my interior design diploma, I’ve set aside 2018 as a year to get serious about growing my blog and small business. To that end I’ve been doing lots of research on You Tube trying to find vloggers of small businesses that I can learn from. I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you today three vloggers who have made the biggest impression on me and who may be a valuable resource for you if you are trying to either grow your business, or your following online, or both!

  1. Megan Minns

Megan’s channel is great if you are looking for some coaching and motivational tips to get you focussed on your business. She also offers some free printables over on her blog too. I find her presentation style to be very easy going and her honesty is refreshing – especially in relation to avoiding burnout.

2. Gillian Perkins

I found this channel via a collaboration that Gillian had done with Megan, as they both shared their weekly work schedule on one another’s channels. I find that I’m often drawn to articles or videos like this. I enjoy the peek into someone else’s week and am also curious to see if they are doing anything in their routine that I should be! After watching Gillian’s video, I looked around her channel to see what else was there and I have to be honest, I’ve been pretty much binge watching her videos ever since. I find Gillian to be very refreshing in the You Tube world. She has honest, sincere advice and her tips for growing your business online are actually helpful. I’ve learnt a lot and have made some changes to the way I work in the week in order to try and maximise the time I spend on my blog and business. For example, one of the aspects of blogging that I find challenging is posting content regularly. I know this is a cardinal sin in the blogging world and something I really need to address. As a result of watching some of Gillian’s videos, I’m now batch creating my weekly content (so I’m writing my other blog posts for the month right after I finish this one. Check me out 😉 This means I will avoid the challenge of trying to post in a particularly busy week and also means that you, my lovely readers, can know to expect content here every Tuesday.

I’ve also been inspired to try Board Booster for Pinterest after watching Gillian’s channel and gained an insight into other ways to diversify your income stream online. 

3. Courtney Johnson

Finally, the third channel is Courtney Johnson. I was interested in Courtney’s channel because she doesn’t have a huge You Tube following (yet), but is obviously doing very well as an entrepreneur. I think it’s easy in the online world to think that numbers mean everything and that your success won’t increase unless you have tens of thousands of followers. Courtney (and in fact all three of these ladies), show that this just isn’t the case. Yes, building your brand and following is important, but it can be done alongside growing your business. You don’t need to wait until you reach a certain figure in order to get serious. What I’ve learnt is that it’s important to start setting business goals now and cultivate the following at the same time.

Something else I’m interested in is collaborating with other bloggers. It clearly works as it was a collaboration that led me to a new You Tube channel! Therefore if you think that my content might fit with yours, please do email me so that we can see if we can work together.

Image via @kellybrito

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