Hello there! I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been enjoying over February for my post this week. With an interior design business, part time job and toddler, it doesn’t always seem as if I have much time for enjoying hobbies or pursuits outside of work/family! However, I’m a big planner and I find that this skill helps me to fit in some much needed ‘me time’ each week.


I’ve been getting back into reading this year and have managed to read 6 books so far since the beginning of January. Not bad going when we are only 8/9 weeks into the year. My husband often says he doesn’t know when I have the time to read but as it’s something I really enjoy, I don’t find it too hard. I just choose to do it over other things. So for example, my son wakes up around 6am and at the weekend we pop him into our bed whilst he has some milk and watches something on the iPad. I choose to read then and get a good hour in before the days starts. I sometimes do this during the week too although don’t have as much opportunity as we are usually getting ready for work or whatever we have scheduled for that day. I’ve been reading lots of non-fiction so far this year and have just finished Susie Orbach’s ‘In Therapy’, which I really recommend. Susie is a therapist and has written up some snapshots from her therapy sessions in order to give the reader an insight into what happens during her sessions. She’s anonymised everything of course and it’s absolutely fascinating to see how she works and what her insights are. It made me want to retrain as a therapist!


I managed to steal away for a day this month during half term when I had a rare day off. I think it’s really important to try and keep yourself inspired when you are working in a creative industry (or just for any reason actually), otherwise life can become all about work and commitments. Now don’t get me wrong, I think that work and having family responsibilities can be a wonderful thing, but it’s important to get some rest and relaxation time in there too and I find myself being most relaxed and invigorated when I’m looking at art or other beautiful things! I’m a member of the Victoria and Albert museum, which is my absolute number 1 place to spend a free morning or afternoon. I stopped by the Opera exhibition and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know how much I loved it. The curation was wonderful and the design and organisation of the space superb. If you ever get a chance to become a member of the V&A I highly recommend it. I tend to make my membership money back within about 3 months after going to as many exhibitions as I can for ‘free’ (members don’t pay to go – you just get to waltz on in and jump the queues at the ticket desk!)

So all in all February has been a good month for learning and feeding my mind with books and exhibitions! We have some plans to try and go away at the end of March so hopefully my favourites for that month will be full of moments from our time away. I say ‘try’ as it’s tricky taking an adopted child away on holiday. We haven’t been away since we adopted our son this time last year but are hoping that he is settled enough now not to be overwhelmed by a change of scene. We will have to see…

First two images via brookelark and marrrk_smith




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