Living room tour

I’m excited to share with you some images for my living room tour today. I’ve been wanting to document our home for a while as we are planning on moving early next year and so this is a good way to remember our home as it is now. Mr P and I have loved living in London for the past 13 years of our marriage but we have reached that point where we need some more space for our family and London house prices…well, let’s just say we don’t have the budget required for the next step up on the London housing ladder. I don’t feel too bad about that though to be honest, as we have decided to move to the county I grew up in, which means a bit of an escape from the busy pace of West London and also more space for us and Bugsy.

My favourite feature in the living room is our fireplace. It’s a gas fire but with real flames (as opposed to a heater with faux flames) and makes the room incredibly cosy in the evenings. I love this room all year round but it particularly comes into its element in Autumn/Winter. The mantel piece is large enough for styling candles and other objects. The large gold star went up on Christmas and I loved it so much that I’ve never put it away again! It stays out all year around.

This is a shot of the same fireplace in the Spring. We used to have a yellow rug in the living room, which was nice for a pop of colour at the time but I have to admit that I much prefer the grey rug we have now.

One of the easiest styling tips that I have used in the living room is to group our books together in colour bands. I absolutely love reading and we have many more books than the ones you see here. They used to be stored on a huge white bookcase in Bugsy’s room before he came along. We had to sort through them just before adopting him and so most of them have been stored away in the loft. I’m really looking forward to having some more space in our new home and bringing them all out again. I’d love a reading nook – or even my own office…dreams!

So there’s a brief tour of our living room. It’s small yet perfectly formed in my opinion. I love the high ceilings and details in the coving and am also grateful for the cupboards and shelving we have as it maximises the storage space in the room. One of the double cupboards is used solely for storing Bugsy’s toys for example. It means he has easy access to them during the day but we are able to hide them all away again once he is in bed, which means that we don’t feel overrun with toys and can go back to having an adult space to relax in during the evenings.

What’s your favourite space in your home?

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