7 Furniture Trends For 2019

We are hoping to move house in early 2019 and so I have my eyes open for some fresh inspiration for our new home. There are some fantastic trends in furniture on the horizon and there is bound to be one that falls in line with your taste, style and budget. Take a look below to find out more…

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1) Bronze

Shiny and metallic colours are very much in fashion at the moment, and bronze is one which is taking the furniture world by storm. Bronze wall lighting is a great choice. It is easy to pair with antique furniture and in some circumstances can be richer in tone than other metals. This makes it an ideal choice when seeking to create depth and warmth in a space.

2) Nature

Get in touch with your wild side and incorporate designs which feature animals or other nature-related pieces. There are some gorgeous and unique designs which fall into this trend. If you are looking for a bold statement, perhaps try these ostrich floor lamps from SweetPea and Willow.

3) Antique arm chairs

We’ve seen a boom in vintage trends as of late, and antique arm chairs are no exception. Nothing looks more beautiful than an old-school vintage armchair placed in the corner of the living room in my opinion. I recommend scouring vintage markets like Kempton antique market for more affordable vintage pieces. 

4) Stone

Stone is a material which has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. It is great for those who are looking to add an earthy tone to a room and works particularly well in living rooms. For instance, a stone table can easily become a statement piece.

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5) Stripes

Stripes were in fashion, then they went back out of fashion, and now they are well and truly a stylish pattern again. There are lots of different types of striped fabric you can choose from –  such as loud and vivid modern designs; nautical colours and vintage styles. 

6) End tables

End tables have become a lot more fashionable. When buying one you should pay particular attention to the legs of the table rather than the base, as this is where all the design seems to be focused on nowadays. You can find some weird and wonderful legs on end tables which will add personality and style to any room.

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7) Wood

Wooden furniture is something which is largely considered timeless and thus will always be fashionable. Nevertheless, the popularity for wood is only set to increase as we head into 2019. It is a great material to incorporate when seeking to add a rustic quality and warmth to a room and it is a good choice for bedroom furniture.

So there you have it; the top seven furniture trends to look out for this year. The only question that remains is; which one will you go for?

All images credited in post. This post was written in collaboration.

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