Planning a Christmas dining table

This year we are hosting Christmas dinner in our home and I’m really looking forward to it. We’ve hosted Christmas dinner at our house before, but the first year we did it I was so concerned about the food and drinks that I completely forgot to make any plans for the table. I managed to cobble together a pretty enough table for us out of tableware and table cloths that we already have, but we didn’t have any table crackers to pull on the day. Whoops. No paper hats for us.

This year I’m determined that things will be different and have already bought the table crackers. I’ve been searching for inspiration for our table as I’d like to make an effort with how the table looks this year, especially as my mother in law is coming over! Here are some images that I’m currently stealing ideas from:

Christmas table

I’m drawn to the elegance and simplicity of this table. Grey and red work well together here. I’m just not sure how I would suspend baubles above the table though…

Gold Christmas table decorAlthough I like the image above, I’d really like to have a gold and green theme for our table this year I think so am going to take ideas from both of these images and fuse them together.

Christmas napkinA sprig of rosemary and some baker’s twine around a napkin makes a quick and easy focal point for a place setting. I’m definitely doing this!

Christmas table runnerFinally, a cute table runner seems to be key when grouping decorative items, such as lights and candles, together. I’m going shopping on Friday for some of these items and if possible, will set up our table so that I can show you how I’ve put these ideas into practice in our home. That’s if I find everything of course!

What do you traditionally have on your Christmas table?

Images via: 1, 2, 3, 4

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