Living room colour schemes to suit your style

Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a peaceful break over the Christmas and New Year period. I spent a lot of my free time looking through Pinterest and some of my interior design magazines in order to start planning the room decor for the house we are hoping to move to in a few months’ time. It’s all very exciting! I’ll share more about our plans in a post later on next week. For now though I wanted to share some ultra modern living room colour scheme ideas in case you are looking to update your space in 2019.

Dark Green And Cream For A Rustic Feel

I love the dark green feature wall in this image. It’s a great way to start experimenting with colour without committing yourself to a whole room as you can keep the remaining walls and floor a lighter colour. Using plants on the console, coffee table and picture shelf is a great way to tie in the look through accessories.

Dark Wood And Purple Accents For Glamour

The dark hardwood of the floor and book cases means that the two purple chairs really sing in this image. I would love to have a reading nook like this some day! You can easily balance out this look by ensuring the remaining living room furniture and accessories are lighter in colour. This room achieves glamour without being too gothic through including colour from the book spines for example.

Beige And White Contemporary Look

This is particularly good for small living rooms as both the main colours are light. Use mirrors and other light accessories in varying tones of beige and white for a sophisticated and contemporary feel.

Jet Black For An Ultra-Modern Living Room

If you’re feeling brave and in the mood for a striking change, then black walls and flooring can get you there. Rich tones of emerald and purple in your seating will look incredible against black and you can add in lots of lighter touches through choosing lighter coloured accessories, such as the ceiling lampshade and fireplace surround in this image.

Image source

Blue and Yellow For A Classic English living Room

The tone of this particular shade of yellow and blue means that the classic English living room gets a contemporary update. It’s not a colour palette choice for the faint hearted. Whilst I’m not sure I’d go for a room quite as striking as this, I wanted to include it as I think it shows that you can use these colours well if you are careful with your choice of accessories. The rug and coffee table compliment the colours well without vying for attention. It would be too much if they were in a similar colour!

What are your thoughts on using colour in your home? I’ll be back to share the concept board I’ve created for our new living room soon. In the meantime, let me know which scheme is your favourite in the comments below.

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