When it comes to relaxing, I personally find that there is little more that is as enjoyable as being in the garden. Since we have moved, we have been fortunate enough to have a larger outside space and whilst this is hugely exciting, sometimes a lack of inspiration and know-how can dampen the dreams you have of creating a garden that you love. I often look at our garden and feel overwhelmed at all the work that needs to be done! If that is true for you too, then keep on reading as today I’m sharing some ideas for designing your dream garden.


Most gardens have a grassy patch, and sometimes it can be the greatest thing to see the grass gently waving the wind. Real grass is definitely my personal preference, but the downside is that it needs a lot of care such a mowing, weeding and keeping the boarders in shape. If you’re not in a position to be able to invest time in your lawn at present, (you may have a young family for example and are busy enough!) then you could consider replacing real grass with artificial grass. I must admit, when I first came across this as an option, I was less than impressed but after seeing some examples of the amazing types of artificial grass on the market at the moment, I can see why people are attracted by the idea of it. To be honest you can hardly tell unless you are very close to it. If you’re interested in finding out more, then this article from House Beautiful may be worth a read.


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If you are looking for a pop of colour, and something that you can enjoy all the time then your flower beds will be it. Think about having a beautiful thick border – a metre or more is perfect. If you don’t have the room for a metre, then add trellis and climbers instead. Plant a mix of herbs and floral flowers. If you are particularly wildlife-friendly, think about having as many wildflowers in the border as you can take. They are great for pollinators. 


The best thing about our new garden is that we now have an area where we can kick back and relax. We decided to invest in a rattan outside sofa and dining table and have spent so much more time outside as a result. You can check out Alice’s Garden for a fantastic selection if you are interested in finding something similar. I have this chair on my wish list next!

Feeding Wildlife

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Using your garden to support local wildlife is an easy way to support sustainable living. You can do this very simply through hanging up bird feeders, or placing a bird table and bird bath in your garden. If doing the latter, then gently tuck the bird table/bath into the grassier or more flower-filled areas of your outside space, in order to encourage wildlife to migrate there. It’s incredibly relaxing watching the birds in the early morning or throughout the day as they feed and you’ll find that once they know you are there, they will soon come visiting regularly for food. This is especially important during winter, when birds need as much help to survive as possible.

Colour Pairs

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When it comes to colour in the garden, there are some slab and flower pairs that work particularly well together. For example,

  • Gold and tan pathing looks excellent with soft pinks, lavenders, and lilacs. They make the path look bright and beautiful, and the purples really pop. 
  • Grey, Silver, or Black paving looks wonderful with really bright solids. Yellows, reds, and oranges stand up to the black and silver really well. 
  • White slabs look clean and classic with white flowers and purple too. 

When it comes to getting your garden exactly how you want it, you need to spend time planning. Take some time on Pinterest to get your juices going or check out one of my other posts on ways to style your garden.

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