5 of the best door mats for saving your home from muddy winter boots

Winter is most certainly upon us in the UK and with that comes a barrage of autumn leaves on the floor and muddy puddles. Having two small boys under the age of 5, I’m lucky if we get to pass a puddle without someone jumping in it. I understand the appeal for small feet and splashing in puddles though, so I don’t want to be a spoil sport and tell them not to do it. We just make sure we wear a good pair of wellie boots instead!

Wearing boots may save us from wet toes but it doesn’t save the area by the front door when we arrive home and it’s time to take off our muddy boots. So for that job, I’ve selected 5 of the best door mats for your front or back door, which will save your loved ones from trooping half of the outside world through your house (yes, we all love the ‘bringing the outside in’ aesthetic in interiors, but not literally…) These mats do just the job of saving your floors whilst still allowing you to have a stylish entryway into your home.

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