What’s your Christmas decor style? Simple and chic? Maximalist and colourful? I personally think that the best looking Christmas interiors are those that feature decorations and accessories collected slowly over the years. I love being a bit nosey when I visit my friends’ homes over Christmas and asking them the stories behind some of their decorations. Ones made by children are usually pretty obvious and very cute of course, but I really love seeing the items that my friends have crocheted, knitted, or painted.

With that in mind, I’ve searched the web for 4 easy and stylish DIY Christmas crafts that you can do this year in order to add some unique touches into your home. I’ve linked every DIY underneath the picture so that you can click over straight away and learn from the talented ladies that I’ve featured here. I must admit that I followed some of them, such as ‘The Lovely Drawer,’ for years and am always amazed at how they continue to inspire with new and innovative DIY content. Have a read through below and let me know what you think. I’m going to make the star garland first I think…

Paper star DIY via Made Up Style

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