2020 has been the year of ‘staying home’, which can sap motivation and creativity! I’m here to share my top tips on staying creative and inspired during the next few months…

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

Hello there friends! How are you?

I’ve got an exciting new blog series to share with you today. I’m working in collaboration with my friend and wonderful fellow interior designer, Sophie, to bring you creative and inspiring interiors content over the next 6 weeks.

Sophie is the interior designer behind Golden Feathers Interiors and has a wonderful style. We met a while ago after a lunch we shared at Chelsea Design Week (before lockdown) and have wanted to work together for some time. UK readers will know that England is currently in the middle of another lockdown and so we decided that creating 6 weeks of uplifting content is probably the best way that we can work together! We get to collaborate and at the same time we are able to give you a host of creative and thoughtful ideas for styling your home this Winter.

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

So how will the blog collaboration work?

Each week, Sophie and I will write about a theme focussed on making your home a welcoming and nurturing place to live in. After you’ve read my post here, you can head over to Sophie’s blog to read her post and vice versa. We’ll also be sharing lots of content over on Instagram stories so make sure you are following us over there too! We plan to share top interior design tips that are aimed at giving you easy to follow styling and decorating ideas. All with the aim of keeping you inspired during the darker months and during this second lockdown.

How do you stay inspired when we have to stay home so much?!

Good question! This week Sophie and I are starting our blog series by sharing how we stay inspired on a daily basis. Here are my top 3 recommendations for keeping your creative spirit alive:

Curate your Instagram feed carefully

Photo by Cristian Dina on Pexels.com

I’m very careful to seek out and follow creatives, writers and musicians on my Instagram account. Whilst I love Instagram as a means for seeing what my friends are up to, I don’t actually follow many people that I know personally on Instagram. I use Facebook for that. That means that my feed can stay focused on images from people in creative fields that I’m not personally involved in – such as art – and it means that my feed stays engaging and inspiring as a result. I also follow lots of art galleries and museums from across the world as they bring culture and news into my life that I may not hear about otherwise.

Keep a physical pin board of images torn from magazines, newspapers etc.

Image Claire Parkin Interiors featuring tear sheets from Country Living UK

Whilst I love Pinterest and am a huge fan, there’s nothing better than having an area in your home where you display physical images of scenes or interiors that inspire you. Sometimes I’ll pin fabric or ribbon to my board too. There’s no obvious reason as to why I keep some of the images I do. I merely rip anything from a magazine or leaflet that I find beautiful. I love the fact that there are no ‘rules’ to what you can keep on an inspiration board. It’s whatever you like! I keep mine on my desk where I work in the spare room.

Engage with other creative disciplines

Image Claire Parkin Interiors

I’m an interior designer and stylist by trade but that doesn’t mean that I find inspiration solely from interior design. Instead I find that music, art, film etc. feeds my creativity when I’m designing the interior of someone’s home. I often listen to music when I’m working and podcasts when I’m walking during the school run or driving in the car. I read lots of books (I’m a real book worm), both fiction and non-fiction and try to have a craft project on the go. At the moment I’m making tons of pom poms for Christmas. I don’t have a particular purpose for them in mind just yet, but I want a big stash of them so that I can make something for our home nearer to December.

So how can you find inspiration over the next few weeks?

Those are my top 3 tips for staying motivated and inspired this Winter. But how about you? How can you find inspiration over the next few weeks?

Well, a good start is to check back here every Tuesday morning as I will be posting a weekly mini series on staying inspired and motivated as you style and decorate your home. After you’ve read my blog, head on over to Golden Feather’s Interiors so that you can read Sophie’s nuggets of wisdom also. Make sure you follow us both on Instagram too! You can find me @claireparkininteriors and Sophie @opulentboho

Make sure that you check in next week as we are sharing how to bring the outdoors inside during Winter. If you’re not particularly green fingered then don’t worry, as we are sharing some sure tips from the guys at London Plants on how to keep your pet plants alive!

Look forward to seeing you here next week,


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