2020 has been the year of working from home. Studying from home. Everything from home! So how can we take care of our much loved and hardworking homes to make sure that they stay looking their best?

Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

Welcome back! It’s week 3 of our 6 week series on finding new inspiration for your home decor. So far we’ve looked at how to stay inspired during a lockdown and also how to use plants to bring a new lease of life into your indoor space.

This week are are focussing on how to take care of the home you already have! Both Sophie and I are mindful of the fact that for many people, updating and purchasing new items for your home just isn’t an option right now. Covid has brought job uncertainty or even job loss and redundancy for some readers, and so we want to be sensitive to that. The last thing you need is another post showcasing all the new, shiny things for you to buy. Instead, we’re looking at ways to invest and keep your home looking better for longer. Especially as so many of us are home more at the moment! The heating bill has probably gone up and items are getting more wear and tear than they would be normally. So with that in mind, how can you make your home more resilient, without compromising on style? Here are some ideas…

Invest in some indoor/outdoor rugs

I live with 3 messy humans! The amount of mud and dirt that gets trampled into our home on a daily basis never fails to astound me. We have some lovely tiles throughout the ground floor of our home, which are very easy to clean, but they also show up the dirt. In order to save myself from looking at muddy footprints and odd crumbs all day, I’ve invested in some outdoor rugs and I use them in our high traffic ‘there’s going to be lots of mud trodden through here’ areas. One such area is our utility room. I have a lovely outdoor rug from Brita Sweden that sits in front of the washing machine. It catches dirt from our outdoor shoes, mud from wellington boots and also the odd bit of fluff/water from washing. I never need to worry about protecting it from stains as it cleans so easily. I can also drag it outside for the boys to play on in the summer if I need to. Perfect. If you haven’t invested in one already, I highly recommend them for wherever people tend to place shoes in your house. It will keep the area looking clean and also protect your flooring underneath.

Use a protector spray on your soft furnishings

If you’re looking to purchase a new sofa in the near future and have the option to have a protector spray added by the manufacturer, do it. You won’t regret it. I know it can seem like an unnecessary expense when you’re already handing over a significant amount of money but it’s so worth it. We bought our sofas almost 2 years ago now and they still look like new, despite having a 2 and a 5 year old who clamber over them and spill juice. The fabric wipes up really well because they’ve been protected.

Choose your flooring carefully

One of my biggest pieces of advice to my interior design clients is to choose your flooring carefully. There are so many amazing rug and carpet companies on the market now, that hardwearing flooring doesn’t need to mean an ugly carpet! One of my favourites to use in a design is Unnatural Flooring. Their carpets are durable and hardwearing – so perfect for busy homes! They have a good range of colours and textures and you can also make bespoke rugs with them for a very reasonable price. They are so reasonable that I’ve used them in the past 3 rooms designs I’ve created for clients. (This post isn’t sponsored by the way. I just honestly really like their products!)

If carpet or rugs aren’t your thing, then try choosing a bold geometric floor tile for your home. I tend to use these in my bathrooms as they are both striking and amazing at hiding dirt! Not that I’m expecting you to be unclean of course. I just know that with a busy lifestyle, not everyone can clean their bathroom floor each day. They don’t need to cost the earth either. If you’re looking for a cool design, try Bert and May. Topps Tiles do some great ones too.

In need of some more ideas?

Hopefully these ideas are enough to get you thinking about how you can make your own home more durable. If you need some more ideas however, head on over to Sophie’s blog as she has some other great tips to share with you today!

Next week we are looking at how to re-style your home with items you already own! Yes, that may sound strange but stick with me on this one. You’ll see what I mean. Both Sophie and I will be back on our blogs next Tuesday as usual but in the meantime, pop on over to Instagram to say hi. You can find us on @claireparkininteriors and @opulentboho.


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