This is how to shop your home!

We all know how good it feels to switch up your home decor. Today I’m showing you how to do it for free!

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

Hello and welcome back to another week of home style inspiration! Sophie and I had to take a week away from the computer last week, due to children being sent home from school. Covid quarantine was not fun for poor Sophie and her kiddos! Thankfully everyone is safe and well and we are back with lots of enthusiasm for this week’s blog posts!

This week we are sharing our top tips for how to ‘shop your own home’. Sound weird? Let me explain. Shopping your own home simply means taking items from one room and styling them in another way in a different room. For example, you might take a chopping board from the kitchen and use it as a styling tray in the centre of a coffee table. It’s a fun and easy way of updating the look of your home, without spending a penny. I know that may sound strange – an interior designer telling you not to buy new homeware – but trust me, that’s not what good interior design is about! Dare I say it, but it’s easy to create a new room scheme by buying all new items. The skill of interior design comes when you work well with what a client already has and then update key pieces, decor or worn items as needed. It’s much better for the environment too!

Let me give you an example…

To show you what I mean in practice, let me give you a couple of examples from my own home. Here’s a shelf that I styled which sits above my TV in the living room.

We have quite a large space above the TV and so I wanted to fill it with something. This shelf does the trick nicely. It’s high enough that the children can’t reach it to move things around and so means that once I’ve styled it, it stays as it is. Which I love! None of the items on the shelf are actually from the living room though.

The dog ornament is a planter, which we had out in our orangery with all the other plants. I stole him from there.

The books are all old books that my husband inherited from his grandfather and were in storage as we didn’t know what to do with them at first. They work really well with the navy and gold accents that I have in my living room and so out they came from storage!

The candle and snuff is from the kitchen and the gold star is a Christmas decoration that I didn’t want to put away after Christmas ended last year!

The sand timer is from my husband’s office.

Here’s another easy way to shop your home

Here’s another example from a different area in the living room.

We had a big blue wall on one side of the room and so wanted to get some furniture to place in front of it. (If you haven’t been reading for long, you may not know that we only moved into this home 18 months ago. We went from a small 2 bed to a 4 bed house and are still figuring the interior design out/buying new furniture as and when we can!)

This credenza has sat in front of the wall for about 9 months without me doing anything much to style it. (Shh, but interior designer’s don’t always have perfect houses either! We are still a work in progress over here…)

Anyhow I finally got around to sorting this area out recently and this is what I did:

Once again, all of these items are from our home – nothing is new! Well, actually, the poinsettia is new as we bought it last week for Christmas but the pot is old! The books are from bookshelves around the house and the stand with the pine cones is a cake stand from the kitchen.

The gold frames are all old frames that didn’t have anything in them and so they were in storage with some of the other bits that we still haven’t unpacked from 18 months ago. I took out the glass and hardware from the back of the frames and stuck them onto the wall with command strips. That way if we want to take them down in future to hang other art work there, they should come off pretty easily.

Why not try it for yourself?

Can I encourage you to spend half an hour restyling an shelf or area of your home? It’s a fun and easy way to inject some new life and personality into your space. Let me know if you give it a try by leaving a comment in the comment box below or by chatting to me over on Instagram.

Also, don’t forget to head over to Sophie’s blog now to see her top tips for shopping your own home. I’m heading off there for a read myself just now…

See you again next week,


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