5 of the best Christmas Craft Tutorials!

Hello there and welcome back! It’s the fifth week in our ‘finding inspiration at home’ series and I could really do with some additional inspiration right now! The darker mornings and shorter days are making staying at home just that bit harder and so I’m looking for projects to do around the home to keep me busy and motivated.

Stay inspired with these ‘easy to follow’ craft projects

With that in mind, I’ve decided to showcase 5 of the best Christmas craft tutorials that I’ve seen from the internet recently. There’s something here for everyone, whether you are looking to create something in a few minutes or a few hours. I’ve even got a Christmas bedroom makeover to share with you, that I did in collaboration with Laura Ashley a few years’ ago…

1) Snowy Tree Table setting

This beautiful craft DIY from A Piece of Rainbow is stylish yet relatively easy to achieve. All you need is an empty tin can, some burlap and foraged greenery from your garden. Easy right? Click through to read the full DIY here.

2) Create a Christmas sanctuary

Image Claire Parkin

After a tough year, it makes sense to invest in your home to create a bit of sanctuary from the outside world. That doesn’t mean investing lots of money necessarily. You’d be surprised what you can achieve spending a bit of time and effort using items you already own – as we found out last week!

I gave our bedroom a bit of a makeover a few years ago as I wanted to create a quiet space away fro the busyness of the world. It was incredibly simple to do. I used some winter inspired bedding and candles and bells that I stole out of our Christmas decoration stash to create a Christmas theme. I then cut out some Christmas paper and fitted it into a few picture frames for the 12 days of Christmas. Our bedroom only stayed this way for a few weeks but it made a nice change and helped us to mark that season.

Image Claire Parkin

3) Eat yourself happy with these Oreo Truffles!

Ok, so you can’t really eat yourself happy but how good do these homemade truffles look? I’ve been reading A Beautiful Mess for about 15 years now and you can never fail to find an inspiring DIY over there. If you’ve not read their site before then may I highly recommend it to you? It’s brilliant. As is the recipe for these truffles!

Get 2021 organised in style…

If you have a spare afternoon and are looking for a simple craft project, why not give my magnetic memo board a try? It’s very simple to do and you could easily iron on wonder web to join the seams of the fabric together if you don’t have access to a sewing machine. You can read the tutorial I wrote for it here. It makes a fab Christmas gift!

Image Claire Parkin

5) Use up leftover fabric to create something new

I love recycling material and creating something new with it. I created these envelope cushion covers a little while ago now and they’re still going strong! I’ve also re-upholstered a foot stool and dining chair using surplus fabric. (Click on the bold text to be taken to each tutorial on my blog).

If you don’t have a budget for new fabric, then keep a look out for interesting fabrics that you can reuse at your local charity shop. I have some spare off cuts of fabric and am planning to make some napkins for our Christmas lunch using this simple tutorial.

What did you make in 2020?

How about you? Did you use any of your crafting skills to make anything in 2020? I know lots of people learnt to grow vegetable and make banana bread to perfection! If that was you, or if you made anything else, then why not share a link to your blog/Instagram in the comments below so that we can all take a look and follow you?

It’s good bye for the moment – but we’re back!

Don’t forget to head over to Sophie’s blog now though as she’s sharing some fabulous small businesses that you can buy gorgeous handmade crafts from.

Whilst this blog post brings me to the end of our current series on seeking inspiration in your home, we will be back! Both Sophie and I have a new post lined up for the start of 2021, so make sure you join us then. I’ll also be back sharing a few interior design posts over the festive period to keep you entertained!

Until next time friends,


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