How can you find inspiration for your home décor?

Featured image of a scandinavian living room

Want to know a secret? I look at the homes of other interior designers when looking for inspiration!


As an interior designer, stylist and HGTV host, one would expect the home of Emily Henderson to be well curated, beautiful and inspiring. It is. A white base creates a sophisticated backdrop on which to house feature accents of navy, textured wood and gold. Interesting visual points are created with asymmetric ceiling mobiles and rather lovely bookshelves divided through the middle to create irregular quadrilaterals in which to display books and accessories. Need I continue? Take a peek for yourself.


I highly recommend Emily’s book ‘Styled’ if you’re looking to define your own interior style. I use some of the theory with my interior design clients. Alternatively, if you’re looking for an interior designer in the Kent area, then reach out to me via the contact page for a no obligation call to discuss your needs. It would be great to hear from you!

Images via Domino. Photography Brittany Ambridge.

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